Tuesday, April 28 4:00pm-7:00pm

The Fletcher Ideas Exchange is sponsored by a collaboration between the Edward R. Murrow Center of Public Diplomacy and the Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs.

Technology has seen an exponential growth during our lifetime. Cell phones that were once the size of bricks are now the size of our palms, and they contain within them more processing power than the computers that brought us to the moon.

Social media sites like Facebook help connect us all, providing a platform for varying levels of engagement. Liking, sharing, reblogging, pinning: the ways we share are more numerous and more influential than we may suspect. Here at the Fletcher Ideas Exchange, students, faculty and alums will come together to share and discuss groundbreaking ideas in communication or technology that will change the face of connectivity as we know it...

Thanks to everyone who managed to attend this wonderful event! Please check out videos and photos of the event in case you missed it! 

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